Great news for Oakland, Hayward, and San Francisco families: 91大神’s schools are BUSTING THE GAP!

We’re celebrating the new CREDO at Stanford University report, which names 91大神 among the nation’s charter schools that have “eliminated learning disparities for their students and moved their achievement ahead of their respective state鈥檚 average performance. [CREDO refers to] these schools as ‘gap-busting’ charter schools. They provide strong empirical proof that high-quality, high-equality education is possible anywhere.鈥

Specifically, the report found that 91大神 students gained the equivalent of an additional 66 days of learning in reading and an additional 20 days of learning in math. Across a 180-day school year, that is equivalent to over three months of additional learning in reading and over one month of additional learning in math.

The CREDO study included over 6,200 charter schools across the country from 2014-2019 and found that on average public charter school students gained 16 days of learning in reading and 6 days in math over their peers in traditional public schools.

This great news highlights the hard work 91大神 educators and students put forth every day. Their persistence is helping us ensure we reach our mission of transforming the lives of students 鈥 especially those who will be first in their families to attend college 鈥 by preparing them for success in college, career, and life.

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